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Meet April Dutcher

Physical Therapist Assistant

April Dutcher is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant who is a proud graduate of Elgin Community College. Beginning in 2008, April worked with special needs children in the Early Childhood Department at district 303. It was because of working with the school district, a spark was lit and her interest in physical therapy began. April enjoyed making a difference with children who needed help with a variety of functions including walking, crawling, reaching and utilizing their wheelchairs or walkers independently. With that inspiration and the support of her family, she decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in order to become a physical therapist assistant. But she knew taking that step to go back to school wasn’t going to be easy and perseverance was absolutely necessary.

With that same attitude, April continues learn and grow as a PTA and believes “the career I chose has definitely allowed me to help my patients, community and fellow co-workers. In return, I learn from them as well! We do our best to help our patients return to their prior level of functioning and I’ll admit that it can be a challenge for patients some days because they just aren’t feeling well. They may need that extra support, motivation or even someone who will just listen to them. By taking those extra steps for my patient, I feel I make a difference to help them return to their maximal function. I love the variety of people I meet and cases I see. I’m fortunate because my job is very rewarding.”

April is a Saint Charles resident and in her free time, she enjoys festivals, concerts, theater performances and the movies with her husband and their two daughters.

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