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Custom Orthotics in St. Charles

AdvancedPhysicalMedicine-OrthoticsNormal arch function is critical to avoid excessive muscle fatigue and pain with weight-bearing activities and to maintain proper joint mechanics for orthopedic preventive health. In normal walking, the arch drops and then recovers. We do this for several reasons. When the arch drops, the foot “unlocks” or becomes more flexible. This allows us to use our feet as shock absorbers and at the same time, allows us to adjust to the varied shape of the terrain. Then as body weight passes over the foot the arch increases its height to “lock” the foot so that it can be used as a rigid lever for propulsion.

The orthotic we use is flexible enough to allow adequate arch flattening for function and comfort but rigid enough to maintain proper control. Because they are custom molded to make full and completely smooth contact with the entire plantar surface of the foot, there are no surface irregularities that might cause other sources of shear stresses and consequent skin breakdown.

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Custom Orthotics in St. Charles
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