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Meet Colton Anderson

Personal Trainer

Colton Anderson was a high school athlete looking at playing college ball. His career ended senior year due to several disk herniations in his cervical spine and lower back. Even though his athletic career was over he still loved working out and staying in shape, and it helped with the constant pain from the herniations. Colton started to get into working out a lot more and lived at the gym.

Colton has been working at Advanced Physical Medicine; Rehab since 2008. He started as a Physical Therapist Technician and soon became a Personal Trainer. He has worked with pre and post surgical patients, weight loss patients and athletes of all ages. He started picking up books and building a library of mentors. His focus went from how big can I look to how athletically functional can I be through correct nutritional intake and exercises. His main goals for patients are core strength and joint stability. Anyone can curl a dumb bell, but can everyone do a correct squat and utilize core musculature the right way. People constantly throw around the term “Athlete” but what defines this term? Colton’s definition is maximal strength at maximal range of motion or at the weakest point, which is furthest away from the center core, meaning you better have a strong core. This is why his athletic career ended early, weak core + strong bench press = injury.

Colton graduated from National University of Health Science with a Bachelor in Biomedical Health Science. He currently is in the Chiropractic Program at National University of Health Science and plans to gradate in December of 2017. Colton’s passion is helping people turn their lives around. He loves working with kids of all ages because he gets the chance to teach them what health is all about, not just for a healthy body but an increased cerebral/cerebellar output. Colton looks forward to his future of educating people on the human body.

In his free time, Colton enjoys spending time with his son and two dogs, the outdoors and of course working out.

“The overall goal of the human body is survival, it always has been.” It’s my job to give you an understanding of macronutrients, micronutrients, muscles, fascia, etc. It’s your job to learn these types of terms and apply them to everyday life.”

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